Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dilemma

The scene: A job interview for a position with great benefits and pay. I'm nailing it and beginning to think this may work out.

Suddenly, a familiar beep beckons. "Sorry, I have to excuse myself for a moment. That's my pump telling me to go get something to eat," said the interviewer.

Her assistant enters the room and immediately takes up the conversation. A few minutes later the interviewer comes back. "So, where were we...?"

The question, DOC: Do I say anything? Should I take the chance? I have been burned very badly by diabetes in the workplace before, and every piece of job hunt advice I've ever gotten screams no. In the end, I chose not to bring it up. If I get the job, I will say something. Just not yet. But inwardly, I was sooooo keen to jump...

Was I right?


Allison Blass said...

People have always known about my diabetes because much of the "marketable" work I've done is in the diabetes arena. It's never been something I perceived would hinder my employment in any way. But I think for most people, I would recommend not saying anything. However, this woman would clearly not see your diabetes as a hindrance to the position, because she herself has it and understands. I probably would have said something, but that's just me. Not saying anything certainly wouldn't hurt you, so I think you're fine. :)

I hope you get the job!

Scully said...

OMG I just came from an interview only a couple hours ago. I had put my pump on vibrate. My CGM started vibrating a low (which I wasn't actually low, thank you Medtronic)
The thing is, I had to turn off the alarm or else it would have kept going and eventually started wailing. I think you did the right thing 100%. I never talk about my diabetes until I'm in the job. It's unfortunate but I wonder if some employers look at us as "diseased" and damaged goods, despite what sort of life we may successfully lead. I cursed when my pump went off and quietly said "I'm sorry, that's my insulin pump, I just need to silence this alarm." At that moment in my head I thought *fuck*. You did well, better than me!

meanderings said...

First thought - sure, say something.
Second thought - nope, don't say anything. I'm sure when you get the job and you are free to talk to the person, they will totally understand why you didn't mention the d-word.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately I've since learned I did not get the job. I'm glad I didn't say anything, if only because I will not wonder if diabetes was a problem. Bad advocate, I know, but I've just been burned too many times.

This company supports the local JDRF walk every year so I did thank them for that, at least.