Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dilemma

The scene: A job interview for a position with great benefits and pay. I'm nailing it and beginning to think this may work out.

Suddenly, a familiar beep beckons. "Sorry, I have to excuse myself for a moment. That's my pump telling me to go get something to eat," said the interviewer.

Her assistant enters the room and immediately takes up the conversation. A few minutes later the interviewer comes back. "So, where were we...?"

The question, DOC: Do I say anything? Should I take the chance? I have been burned very badly by diabetes in the workplace before, and every piece of job hunt advice I've ever gotten screams no. In the end, I chose not to bring it up. If I get the job, I will say something. Just not yet. But inwardly, I was sooooo keen to jump...

Was I right?