Thursday, October 7, 2010

#NoDDay 2010

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to HGTV.

It was "
Property Virgins" that sucked me in. What is it about peeping into stranger's houses that makes me feel so dirty, yet so excited? Why do I get such a vicarious thrill out of a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath with a garage? At first I thought it was because our old condo didn't have in-unit laundry or a dishwasher. I railed against the idiots who dared to complain about the lack of stainless steel appliances. (What is WRONG with these people? Try not having your own at all, and collecting quarters all week so you can even DO laundry...!) And the cavernous master bedrooms and bathrooms...oh my goodness. That Sandra Rinomato is one funny chick too. She is so...Canadian :)

It got worse. I discovered "
Income Property." And then "House Hunters" and "Color Splash: Miami" and "Holmes on Holmes." But there was a mean slant too. "Bang For Your Buck" infuriates me sometimes. I do wonder what people are thinking when they put $15,000 tile in a bathroom, though. And I can't make it through "Dear Genevieve" without getting nauseated. (Vern Yip was my TLC favorite--Genevieve just annoyed me.) The worst has to be "Design Star." I just can't handle the competition and fake drama.

It started with the granddaddy of them all when I was a child--"This Old House." My father had a love-hate relationship with Bob Vila (he preferred Norm Abrams). I grew up thinking it was normal to know how to install PVC piping or new roofing. Then it faded for a while, only to be stirred up by the theater group antics of "Trading Spaces" a few years back. (Did anyone else want to cut off Paige's caffeine supply?! My gosh, she was perkier than Martha Quinn!) But HGTV has taken it to a new high or low depending on your point of view. My husband and I mock house porn, yet we both like to watch. It's our dirty secret.

Have to go now, "Curb Appeal" is coming on...
(The house above is's a farmhouse in Kentucky we hope to actually live in someday)


meanderings said...

Me too - I record them so they take up less time, yeah - right!

George said...

HGTV is one of those channels I don't seek out but find myself stopping and watching FOR HOURS when surfing the channels.

I was a HUGE fan of trading spaces and yes, Paige needed to cut out some sugar in her diet. :)

Reyna said...

I am a huge House Hunters fan...and Property Virgins. I watch House Hunters EVERY single night before I go to bed...except Sunday...then it is HOlmes on Homes (LOVE that man). Nice to "cyber" meet you. I found you through a comment on A Sweet Grace.

Hallie said...

Amen! I am so addicted to HGTV, too! I love it! And I started with This Old House, too! Vern has always been my fav... Too funny! Glad I found you... thanks for sharing! (I posted about my house on No D Day...!)