Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Doctor Rob...

In response to this post, here are my thoughts as a person with a chronic disease (in no particular order):

  • At 12 years old my life was changed forever. My parents and I joined a club with a lifetime membership and no option to cancel. I also got to see doctors as the fellow soldier in my battle rather than a demigod in a white coat. But I would rather have that seasoned veteran with a wary eye for me and my health at my side.

  • I have no pride when it comes to my body. Open my veins, probe my insides, shine lights in my eyes and stick pins in my feet. I will endure it all. I will willingly submit to what many healthy patients will not. I will abide, and rarely will I complain. I still remember the days before, and how very sick I was. There is little I will not do to permanently avoid feeling that way again.

  • I will need you to fight for me when it comes to the health care system. I am not seeing doctors to cause problems for others trying to access resources. I do my best to stay away and only come to you when I know I need your help. But the system of prescription renewals, insurance plan denials and limitations on care is a formidable enemy sometimes. Help me by coming to my aid.

  • I have learned more about my diabetes over the last 27 years than many patients, but I still don't know it all. You know so much more about the human body than me, and what things I should or should not worry about. I trust you to be my guide. I will do my best to understand the most complicated explanations, and ask you relevant, concise questions if I do not. But I am patient with not knowing why, and will try to accept what I cannot change.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Into this life I was born
At twelve
The new normal
Fragile, like a newborn thing
Slowly I learned to crawl
Then, sometimes swiftly
To walk
To run
But still
My shell, so thin
Will crack
My delicate insides will waste
If you tip me the wrong way I will die
Yet still
Against long odds
Defiant, and straining
I struggle
A litte bit each day
Following all the others
Leaving my trail behind
To reach
The sea.