Thursday, March 11, 2010


Dear Dex,

We were doing so well...but why, a week before my next A1C is drawn, have you thrown me two of these in a row?

I know, I know, it's new technology and I should just be patient. The Dexcom people were really nice about it and are sending replacements with no questions asked. But was it so hard for you to work more than 11 hours? In a really good site on my upper arm, no less?

Sigh. Innovation, please speed up a little bit, OK?


Unknown said...
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Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Hi Suzanne,

The needles aren't too bad--they're pretty hidden by the plunger assembly you get with the sensor, so it's better than I read about the Minimed. They can pinch a little but not worse than a shot in a bad place. The arm sites are really less painful than others, plus in cooler weather with long sleeves etc. you don't see a thing. I hate getting the sensor stuck on my pants and/or waistline when I use my stomach.

I finally got a good sensor going so I'm hopeful it'll stay 'up' for my appointment Thursday morning. Thanks for the well wishes!

~Suzanne~ said...

Well because diabetes always has to keep us on our toes, remember?? So you put the sensor in your arm?? I am such a chicken! I can only use my stomach. Are the Dexcom needles huge like the Minimed? Ugh, I get scared just thinking about it! Good luck at your upcoming appointment!!

Sorry, I deleted my other comment because it was from my other account... A sensor in the arm still seems really scary to me!! I am actually putting off putting in my sensor in my regular spot as we speak... I really am a chicken!! Haha!

Anonymous said...

That must be frustrating!! At least you don't have any problems getting replacements!

Good luck at your Dr's appointment. I hope your A1c is where you want it!!