Thursday, October 8, 2009

Target Low

OK, I admit it...I love going to Target. It's one of my totally non-environmentally responsible, conspicuous consumption-laden, irresponsible-waste-of-time guilty pleasures. I love to meander around, taking my time looking at shiny things, trying on silly shoes and looking at purses and pocketbooks and the dollar items near the entrance. Oh, and buying things I actually need, like shampoo and cat food. I'm in good company here on the OC, at least (;-). But what is it with Target and lows?! Someone else (forgive me, I can't remember who) brought this up before...this happens to me every time I go there.

Case in point: last night. Entering the store, I was this number:

Which isn't bad for me after dinner. After wandering happily for a while, I suddenly felt hot and confused, trying to remember if I needed batteries or underwear. Sure enough, I dropped to this number:

I'm blaming the fact that I was in the Halloween candy aisle. Ugh!


phonelady said...

Oh wow you poor thing I hate that to be out somewhere and you get a low i hate it and some ppl look at you like you are in a monkey suit or something . it is ridiculous it happens to all of us dear . take care .

Rebecca said...

This totally happens to me too! Not every time, but it seems most times I come out of Target munching on a candy bar to treat the low I gained while in the store.

To add insult . . . the side effect of my lows is that I can not make decisions, so while I'm wrapping up my shopping I'll be standing in an asile agonizing over which fabric softner to get or some other silly thing for way longer than it should take. Maybe that's why the employees have started asking if I need help finding things more frequently . . .

Karen said...

I'm totally with you on this!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target. But it makes my blood sugar crash every time. I blogged about it in early June - I wonder if that's the post you remember? Anyway, I think the next time we are stuck with a high that won't budge, we should go directly to Target! :)

~Suzanne~ said...

It's gotta be because you went to the Halloween candy isle... but isn't it nice to actually grab your favorite bag to eat without feeling guilty!! I always take secret pleasure when I get low in the grocery store... I think it actually makes me a bit giddy :)

Minnesota Nice said... a matter of fact I just got home from Target and I don't think it did much to my bg.
But I was extremely tickled to find that they now have the mini, individually wrapped rice krispie treats - a little bigger than an inch square. Perfect portion control (if you can eat just one) and I like to put them in the Halowween loot bags I make. I live in a condo in a secured building so we don't get regular trick or treaters - then have to be invited. I will have 6 kids coming, and they make a hauling at my place!

Scott K. Johnson said...

A conspiracy to get you to buy CANDY!!! I'll co-sign on that with you!

I too love Target. I could hang out there all day and just people watch and stuff. I love it. :-)