Monday, September 21, 2009

Out of Whack

The six-month follow up went perfectly well, from my doctor's perspective. I presented no new health issues; I showed no new signs of complications; I haven't lost weight, but haven't gained any; and my A1C is still under the recommended 6.9. As far as she's concerned I am the picture of compliance and should go forth confident in my numbers for the next six months.

From my perspective...I am out of whack. My A1Cs have been at or around 6 for four years now, so why the sudden increase? And I know 6.9 is not "right where you should be", at least not from the knowledge gained from all of you and every other physician I've been to in my life. My doctor is pretty concerned about the lows that come with being in the near-normal range, and I understand that. A nice gate-crashing 31 mg/dl woke me up the other night. But 6.9 is not acceptable, at least to me. Am I wrong?

For some reason this result has really hit me hard. Believe me, there were so many years when I was a teen/young adult when I didn't care...but I know now that I must try harder and do better. I have to watch what I eat and not guesstimate so many carb counts. I must stop the endless grazing at my desk and at home in the evenings. I must increase my mealtime boluses to stop the post-prandial 200s and 300s I've seen in the last month or two. I must exercise more, the 2 mile walk to & from the train station & work isn't good enough. I must try to reduce the stressors in my life. I am sooo lucky not to have complications, and I'm grateful. But I can't take my doctor's word for it this time that everything I'm doing is "good enough".

I'm also going to do one new thing to better manage my numbers: I'm going to get a CGMS. Specifically, I'm going to file paperwork for a Dexcom SevenPlus, hopefully this week. Thanks so much to the postings by Wil, Kerri, Bernard and others, I was able to really research this decision and get a true sense of what it will be like to start using a CGMS, as well as figure out which one would be most likely to help me. Not being a pumper, having a medical device on me will take some getting used to. But I have to try. I have to do something. I can't pretend that 6.9 is okay and just wait for the next A1C to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Wish me luck!

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phonelady said...

Okay hugs to you very rarely do I see a 6.9 I jumped from a 6.5 to a 7.1 and it did not make me happy . and I just wanted to say be carefull with your insurance company and the cgms . some of the insurances will pay for them and others wont saying it is not medically needy . It is such a pain dealing with d anyway and then we have these crap arse insurance companys giving us such a hard time . Ugh !!! but hugs to you and hope all works out dear .