Monday, August 31, 2009

And Then My Heart Fell.

Sometimes diabetes ignorance hits close to home...

Pregnant Relative: So I saw my doctor today because the baby wasn't kicking as much.
Me: Oh gosh! How is everything?
PR: She says it's fine, but I had to do a tolerance test and a fasting glucose because of the last time.
(Background note: PR is 39. Her father has type 2 and she was obese before getting pregnant. Her first baby was born with a BG of 34 and weighing nearly 10 lbs.--fortunately she is a happy & healthy 2 year old now. Afterwards her OB decided she 'probably had gestational diabetes, but we just didn't catch it.')
Me: Did they tell you what your results were?
PR: Yes. My fasting was 110 and the test was 154. So, she wants me to eat less carbs and try to exercise.
Me: That makes sense. Is she giving you any medications?
PR: Well, she said I might need to take insulin. So I have a question for you...
Me: (brimming with knowledge, eager to help, and happy she's reaching out to me) Sure! What is it?
PR: If I take insulin, will it make the baby get juvenile diabetes like you?


Chris said...


At least there's an open dialog and a chance for education. It's a shame you don't have much to start with. Good luck.

k2 said...

I'm with Chris on every level, including WOW.
Chris is right- take this opportunity to educate her about diabetes, and if she still doesn't get "IT," you know you tried.
Diabetes is treatable. Unfortunately, it's a toss up with ignorance!
Kelly K

meanderings said...

Oh my, how sad. Too bad the doctor didn't do a better job of explaining.

George said...

I know sometimes it's hard but this is a great chance to educate.

Minnesota Nice said...

I think this lady might be a bit more receptive to hearing the facts about db than my great aunt.

Lora said...

My heart fell, too. But at least she's willing to ask and hopefully listen to your many don't even ask the questions. Best wishes to your PR, and to you.

Ashley said...

well, so she doesn't get it...but you know, she asked a question, which is better than just assuming that the wrong answer was the right one.

but yeah...i'm with everybody