Monday, August 31, 2009

And Then My Heart Fell.

Sometimes diabetes ignorance hits close to home...

Pregnant Relative: So I saw my doctor today because the baby wasn't kicking as much.
Me: Oh gosh! How is everything?
PR: She says it's fine, but I had to do a tolerance test and a fasting glucose because of the last time.
(Background note: PR is 39. Her father has type 2 and she was obese before getting pregnant. Her first baby was born with a BG of 34 and weighing nearly 10 lbs.--fortunately she is a happy & healthy 2 year old now. Afterwards her OB decided she 'probably had gestational diabetes, but we just didn't catch it.')
Me: Did they tell you what your results were?
PR: Yes. My fasting was 110 and the test was 154. So, she wants me to eat less carbs and try to exercise.
Me: That makes sense. Is she giving you any medications?
PR: Well, she said I might need to take insulin. So I have a question for you...
Me: (brimming with knowledge, eager to help, and happy she's reaching out to me) Sure! What is it?
PR: If I take insulin, will it make the baby get juvenile diabetes like you?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Test Strip Accuracy FAIL.

You're checking your BG after consuming a Dunkin' Donuts Latte Lite for the first time. You know your morning carb-to-insulin ratio is lousy, so you're expecting a high. Which of the following is correct?:

BEEEEEP! Sorry, wrong answer. The correct one is "who knows?!?" (Ugh. I SWAG'ed 3U Humalog just in case...)

Thanks for playing!