Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut...

(Am I the only person in the world who never got that movie title?)

Anyway, greetings OC friends. Just a quick update on my eyes (see last post). I am lucky and happy to say everything is fine. My eyeball pressure readings were on the 'high' side of normal (20), but the doc wasn't concerned and said they had been there before. No other changes, no microaneurysms, didn't even need a new prescription. Yay! Thanks for the supportive comments. I felt better knowing so many of you out there feel the same way.

In other D news I took advantage of a free offer for Humalog Kwik Pens. (You can, too, if you click the link.) I still pay off-formulary prices ($80 a pop) for my prescription Humalog so this was no small matter. But I have to do any of you deal with pens?! They're driving me insane after several failed attempts using the teeny pen needles. I kept getting bubbles in the vial--even holding it at the right angle--and really don't think I ever got the correct dose. I can't believe how much packaging comes with one little pen needle, either. And I just can't help but cringe at wasting so much insulin with priming. Ugh. So yes, I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but I resorted to using my old-school syringes to draw up insulin. At least it works well enough that way.

Not much else going on in my life that's continues to be stressful and difficult, but a large project just ended on a positive note so I can breathe a bit now. Just waiting patiently for summer to arrive like many of you so we can spend more time outdoors!


Minnesota Nice said...

Lovely news from the eye doc.
I used pens for 3 months and hated them and will never go back - way too big and clunky. I really prefer my litle 1/3cc syringe.
I think Eyes Wide Shut was one of the most disturbing movies I've seen.

meanderings said...

Umm, I do the pens, but, it's the only thing I've ever used being fairly new at the insulin stuff. Somehow it doesn't seem as "shotty??"

Jonah said...

You can put bigger needles on the pens. I got samples with 8mm needles, and they sell 13 mm needles to go on the pens.

I personally am small enough that I prefer the 5mm needles however.