Monday, May 11, 2009

At Least I Have a Job

Coming up for air here, it's mid-May already and I'm busier than a one-legged man in an a**-kicking contest. Or is it mine that's getting kicked?!? Here's a typical day...

4:30AM: Wake up with 13 lbs. of feline on my head. Push cat to foot of bed. Repeat as necessary for the next two hours.

6:30AM: Wake up, help husband get out the door to catch an early train. Try to sleep for 'just a few more minutes.' Cat decides to snuggle on my chest. Nice.

7:15AM: Awake from doze with alarm ringing and cat yowling. Get ready for work. BG in range for once--83 mg/dL. I do nothing, as the dreaded Dawn Phenomenon usually kicks in about now.

8:00AM: Enjoy a few moments of quiet on the train. (My new Sony Reader is wonderful too...)

8:30AM: Walk one mile from train station to work. Pick up healthy lunch items at grocery store on the way. Our office's tiny fridge barely fits a wedge of cheese between eight staff members; there's also no soda machine in our building, so I tote my own Diet Coke too. Lunch choices nearby include Subway...and that's it :(

8:50AM: Arrive at desk. Tense up when I realize The Tool* is already in. Log on, try to read some D-blogs before the onslaught begins.

(*Annoying person #1. I work with three of 'em! )

9:00AM: Reply to e-mails from colleague who works at home**, hope she's in a good mood and doesn't take offense to anything I've written today. Start troubleshooting some computer issues (I'm the unofficial IT staff). Spend the next 90 or so minutes trying to understand and fix an Adobe installation problem. Field phone calls, reply to four more e-mails from Remote Colleague and a 10-minute long IM exchange. Dawn phenomenon and stress make for some 200+ BGs. Ugh.

(**Annoying person #2. )

10:30AM: Phone meeting. Looong, boring. I hate typing minutes, but at least I get to write...

12:30PM: Scarf down cheap lunch at desk. Take my daily Lantus shot. I almost look forward to the quiet few moments I spend doing this.

1:00PM: Called away to fix another computer. The Tool, who fancies himself an IT "expert", has installed something that caused his computer to crash. Spend 15 minutes trying to get him to admit what it was, then another 15 to tell him to uninstall the program. Give up when I realize he's ignoring me.

2:00PM: Answering more emails, walking carefully so as to avoid mines. Post-lunch BG is acceptable for work (139 mg/dL). I'm wary of over-correcting.

2:30PM: Staff meeting. Oh joy. Spend 20 minutes listening to The Consultant*** talk about how she thinks we should be (a) filing, (b) naming our files, (c) thinking about what to name our files before we name them, and (d) describe in great detail the naming conventions at her previous place of employment. Thank God for Diet Coke.

(***Annoying person #3. )

4:00PM: Drag myself out of conference room. Test, expecting a midafternoon drop. Sure enough, 73 mg/dL. Have a snack so I won't go low while walking to the train station.

4:30PM: Wrestle myself out of a late task thrown at me by the Consultant. She is oblivious to the hour, thinks I have no problem working past 5. I gently correct her while secretly planning my escape.

4:50PM: Run from the building as if on fire. All thoughts of work stress evaporate when I see my DH waiting on the platform. We ride home and plan our evening, which devolves into vegging out in front of the TV.

9:30PM: Exhausted, but happy together again, we close up shop for the night. The cat approves. Pre-bed BG of 191 is high, but I'm too tired to care. After some more TV we're off to the land of Nod.

Thank goodness Memorial Day weekend is coming up soon. I need a break!

Hope you all in the OC are hanging in there (:-)

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