Friday, April 3, 2009

The Mom Bag, and My New Little Friend.

The strap finally gave way so my winter purse has gone to the recycle heap. Here's my new one, a.k.a. the 'mom bag'. Can you spot the PWD by what's inside?

Like many of you, I've struggled for years to find the perfect stylish purse with enough room for all my D- and non-D crappe...oh well. At least I'm OK with this year's quasi-classic equestrian look (I hope).

My favorite watch also happened to die recently, so I splurged on a new one...does that logo look familiar?

On the back it says "Type 1 diabetes, insulin dependent" along with my ID number and Medic Alert's number. My old one was worn out, and so outdated it still had a local number and not Medic Alert's 800 number. Hopefully it's never needed, just like the old one. But I also hope the EMTs and doctors of the world notice it's a Medic Alert symbol, not just a watch. Any thoughts from you all? I plan to take an informal poll the next time I'm in my MD's office...

Happy Friday, everyone!


Scott K. Johnson said...

I like the watch - please let us know how your informal surveys go! :-)

Lee Ann Thill said...

I'm guessing you keep Skittles to treat lows, and I think you're a brave soul for that! While I'm more of a chocolate candy girl myself, I think I would still be tempted by Skittles, although the regular flavors aren't as alluring to me as the tropical. When my diabetes management was at it's worst, back when I was 22-23, I had a crazy obsession with tropical Skittles. I haven't had any since those days.

Snazzy watch, although I understand your concern about it possibly being overlooked by EMT's. I have a standard stainless steel Medic-Alert bracelet and one of the sportsband ones. I've looked at the "pretty" jewelry, but an EMT friend of mine told me not to get those because you just can't count on EMT's knowing to inspect something with pretty beads or whatever for medical ID. I think the watch is probably a safe bet though.

Tina Shaye said...

I like the watch. I agree with Lee Ann. You can't trust people to check every piece of jewelry you wear. It has to look like a medic alert. It has to stand out. I plan on getting a tattoo medic alert on my wrist soon.