Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Crazy Train: I Iz On It

Work has eaten me alive. I am consumed with a huge project, a difficult co-worker (who happens to be a friend of the boss IRL...ugh), and wouldn't you know it: a day of 250+ blood sugar levels. I'm beginning to wonder if my insulin has taken the day off.

At home my cat has gone mad with spring fever. He yowls at the bedroom ceiling every morning at 5:30AM, completely oblivious to the human heads underneath his paws. My husband is sick with the plague (oops, flu) and his old hip injury has flared up again. And our work commute has had us coming home late every. single. day. this week.

But hey--tomorrow is SPRING!

I just hope the crazy train goes back to the station soon.

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Lee Ann Thill said...

Yikes! That is enough to drive anyone totally nuts! I know how irritating it is to work with someone who's friends with the boss too. I definitely feel your pain there :(

Hope things improve soon!