Monday, March 2, 2009

Back in the World

Greetings all :-) Finally have time to post an update here. I'm enjoying a rare day at work without someone tracking my every Internet move ):-P

I'm happy to follow up on one of my earlier posts with good news: I had three wisdom teeth extracted about 2 weeks ago, and so far everything is healing nicely. Thanks to everyone who passed along their tips--it was far less intimidating with your knowledge on hand. I went with local anesthesia only, which worked much better for me, I think. The procedure only took an hour and I was better able to take care of myself afterward. I purposely cut back a unit of Lantus for the 72 hours immediately before & after, which helped manage the lows, but I had a couple of what-the-**** numbers in the 400s in the morning the days following surgery. Not sure if it was the stress, the antibiotic, or the Frappucinos I tried to drink to get my caffeine fix--probably all of the above (:-(. (Next time I'll remember to have some flat Diet Coke on hand!)

The dentist prescribed me Darvocet for pain which I ended up not taking...I didn't want to go low and not be able to treat myself. I managed pretty well on big doses of Motrin instead. (Interestingly, the dentist also wanted me to take prednisone for swelling but I refused, knowing what steroids do to BGs. Ice and heat kept it from being too awful.) The big take-away? Kids, get those wisdom teeth out while you're young! :-) I sure wish I had.

In unfortunate news, another ocular migraine hit me last week, the first one in about a year. Nasty buggers :-( They always freak me out, and I never know what to do except cringe in bed waiting for them to pass. This time I actually got a headache afterward, though not as bad as some I've had. Ugh.

Next up on the radar is my A1C, which I'll have done next Monday. Hope it'll be the same or lower than it was in November. After that I would very much like to forget about anything health-related for a while and just take a vacation. Of course, the D never takes a break, but you know what I mean :-)

Stay warm and see you on the flip side!


George said...

Lets hope for a good a1c. Thanks for the update.

Minnesota Nice said...

That's great that the "procedure" is over and was successful.
I think medical professionals are so used to people demanding heavy duty relief from pain that they overprescribe the high end stuff. "Here, let me give you something for that." - even to us pwd's. Go figure.