Sunday, December 27, 2009


Taking time to deal with life offline, will be back soon. All the best in 2010 to the OC :-)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Ma...

Today would have been your 63rd birthday. I have lost my eloquence since you've been gone, but here are some things I would have liked to say to you today...or any day.

I love you, and I am still your daughter.

P.S. You have a beautiful new granddaughter (and I a lovely niece) to add to our family happiness.

Friday, November 13, 2009

WDD 09: A Verse

The Magic Act

I enjoy it sometimes,
You not knowing.
The masquerade suits me
As I dance and sing
About you,
Looking for all the world
Like a happy clown, carefree.
And yet the strings
Invisible to you
Control my every move
As a merrionette.

Numbers up, numbers down,
The push and pull of unseen hands
But my performance belies.
Yes, I enjoy sometimes
This you not knowing,
Me feigning light
And concealing dark
As though it were effortless.

I prove myself wrong sometimes,
Dancing on the end of string
I believe there is no line.
Then the music stops,
The lights grow hot,
I stand, confused, wondering why
You have stopped applauding
And staring, you accuse.

If you knew
How hard I try
To make it seem so normal,
So nonchalant,
Perhaps you would find your tender side
And sympathize.
Perhaps you'd think
Or realize
That not all who dance are happy.
But it would rob my mask of me
My ability
To prove it to myself.

And this is why
Sometimes I dance
Secretly, knowingly,
With you watching,
Yet at my side.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dblog Day 2009

It is Dblog Day '09, and I am tired. Tired from being up all night treating stubborn lows, then the rebound high this morning that is still slowly floating down from the rafters. I am tired of Dex going off every ten minutes. Tired of pricking my fingers again and again, and taking shot after shot. Tired of looking at food like an adversary. Tired.

But I am here, and so are you, and so I am grateful. More than any of you will ever know.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bloggy Bits

Hello all,

Happy Monday! Catching up on a few items with this post. First off, my sincere apologies to Elizabeth Edelman for such a delay in reviewing the Nutrisystem samples she kindly sent me! I tried them a few weeks ago.
I sampled the soup and the heat & stir macaroni and cheese with meatballs. A friend tried the two entrees.

Like others commented, Nutrisystem packs quite a few carbs in their food. Here's a shot of the macaroni label:

Yep, that's 30g carbs in one little cup. Hmmm. I heated it up and noticed the "meatballs" were really cat food size!

The taste...pretty unbearable. Even with a shot of Louisiana Hot Sauce, I couldn't save it. I hate to admit it went into the garbage after a couple bites. I didn't take pictures of the soup. Basically it was the same as the noodles--bad. My friend bravely tried one entree (turkey and noodles) and told me it wasn't bad, but tasted very starchy and wasn't satisfying. So sorry to say, as much as I appreciate Elizabeth's gesture, I won't be trying Nutrisystem again anytime soon!

In other news...I got to wear one of these over the weekend:

In an effort to get back in tune, I'm actively pursuing a Dexcom Seven Plus to help improve my control One of the rules with my health insurance is that you have to be "professionally monitored" via CGMS for a 72-hour period to prove the device is medically necessary. So, after meeting with the Dexcom rep this week, I was off to the races to get the ball rolling on one of my own.

So far I LOVE the Dexcom. I cannot believe how quickly you get used to checking and reacting to the trend information. It is unfathomable that there should even be a question about whether it is "necessary". It kept me basically in range all weekend. My 7-day meter average dropped 15 points too. It even woke me up when I was low at 4AM--which is one of my big reasons for wanting a CGMS. And wow, do carbs hit my system quickly. And double wow, in the morning they're raging through me...! So the dawn phenomenon and morning insulin resistance is real after all.

The only cons I found in my short acquaintance with Dex...accuracy definitely leaves something to be desired. The rep had already started the sensor before she put it on me, and she put it in a really awkward site on my upper abdomen (where I have scar tissue from MDIs). So I think that may have had something to do with why I was 30-60 points off all weekend. Only once did Dex and my meter agree. The trends were generally correct, though. It was weird to see the line tick up or down and realize "oh, that's what that feeling is". However there was at least one instance where Dex had me crusing safely at 99 mg/dl, when I suddenly started feeling confused and irritable...and sure enough, a fingerstick rang in at 58 mg/dl. Not good. Still, I hope Dexcom has good news for me in the coming weeks. I was sad to remove the sensor tonight, and already I feel naked without the extra protection.

Oh, and finally...I changed my lancet yesterday! (;-) Thanks for the reminder, Kelly!

(Next up...all by myself, literally and figuratively...)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Target Low

OK, I admit it...I love going to Target. It's one of my totally non-environmentally responsible, conspicuous consumption-laden, irresponsible-waste-of-time guilty pleasures. I love to meander around, taking my time looking at shiny things, trying on silly shoes and looking at purses and pocketbooks and the dollar items near the entrance. Oh, and buying things I actually need, like shampoo and cat food. I'm in good company here on the OC, at least (;-). But what is it with Target and lows?! Someone else (forgive me, I can't remember who) brought this up before...this happens to me every time I go there.

Case in point: last night. Entering the store, I was this number:

Which isn't bad for me after dinner. After wandering happily for a while, I suddenly felt hot and confused, trying to remember if I needed batteries or underwear. Sure enough, I dropped to this number:

I'm blaming the fact that I was in the Halloween candy aisle. Ugh!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Thanks to George, today is a celebration of things NOT about the big D. Here are a few of mine:
  1. I looooove space. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated by it. I so want to go to one of the last Space Shuttle launches next year...til then, I hit this site every day or so, just to dream...
  2. ..and then I click over to this site, which never fails to crack me up :-)
  3. I also love the 1980s. I think I watched every TV show on this list. If I could I would stay home for two weeks straight and watch 'em all over again!
  4. Being married to someone in IT just made me even more of a geek. My brother and I had a Tandy 1000 back in the day, and an Atari 2600 before that. I think this is one of the best sites for reviews. I spend way too much time on here at work, doing "research" ;-)
  5. #4 explains why I also find myself here sometimes when the day is going slow
  6. I'm also a news junkie...
  7. ...and a science junkie...
  8. ...and a bookworm, and I love to travel. If I do this someday, I'll be in heaven.
  9. Speaking of travel and writing, I used to have many pen pals back in the '80s. I still keep in touch with a few, and one of them has been on some really cool trips this year.
  10. A few years ago I volunteered for several theaters in Chicago. I did props and worked backstage. Apart from high school drama club, this was the first time I'd ever done anything on a play. I was hooked. There is nothing cooler than watching the house lights dim and hearing the story told, and imagining everything happening around you.

What are your non-D thoughts today, friends?

Monday, September 28, 2009

MeMe Monday: The Bing Edition

Haven't done one of these in a while. Thanks, Karen!

Kathy needs...

  1. Kathy needs to be on Regis. (Um, okay, but only if I don't have to sit too close to him...)
  2. Kathy needs to do more talk shows. (Why yes, I do! Considering I've done, um, none...!)
  3. Kathy needs your support and your vote to make NABJ 360 work for you. (Uh...ok...?)
  4. Kathy needs the help of power lesbians Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy. (You can never have too much help from power lesbians, if you ask me.)
  5. Kathy needs to travel from Plymouth. (Rock? Massachusetts? England?)
  6. Kathy needs a new car. She'd look good in this Mini Cooper... (Why yes, I do, and yes, I would. Maybe I can drive it from Plymouth!)
  7. Kathy needs to grow up and act her age! (What else is new?!)
  8. Kathy needs a helping hand financially. (Oh yes. Please make your check payable to...)
  9. Kathy needs a break. (Don't I ever...!)
  10. Kathy needs to lose weight .(Hey, that's getting a little personal--!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Out of Whack

The six-month follow up went perfectly well, from my doctor's perspective. I presented no new health issues; I showed no new signs of complications; I haven't lost weight, but haven't gained any; and my A1C is still under the recommended 6.9. As far as she's concerned I am the picture of compliance and should go forth confident in my numbers for the next six months.

From my perspective...I am out of whack. My A1Cs have been at or around 6 for four years now, so why the sudden increase? And I know 6.9 is not "right where you should be", at least not from the knowledge gained from all of you and every other physician I've been to in my life. My doctor is pretty concerned about the lows that come with being in the near-normal range, and I understand that. A nice gate-crashing 31 mg/dl woke me up the other night. But 6.9 is not acceptable, at least to me. Am I wrong?

For some reason this result has really hit me hard. Believe me, there were so many years when I was a teen/young adult when I didn't care...but I know now that I must try harder and do better. I have to watch what I eat and not guesstimate so many carb counts. I must stop the endless grazing at my desk and at home in the evenings. I must increase my mealtime boluses to stop the post-prandial 200s and 300s I've seen in the last month or two. I must exercise more, the 2 mile walk to & from the train station & work isn't good enough. I must try to reduce the stressors in my life. I am sooo lucky not to have complications, and I'm grateful. But I can't take my doctor's word for it this time that everything I'm doing is "good enough".

I'm also going to do one new thing to better manage my numbers: I'm going to get a CGMS. Specifically, I'm going to file paperwork for a Dexcom SevenPlus, hopefully this week. Thanks so much to the postings by Wil, Kerri, Bernard and others, I was able to really research this decision and get a true sense of what it will be like to start using a CGMS, as well as figure out which one would be most likely to help me. Not being a pumper, having a medical device on me will take some getting used to. But I have to try. I have to do something. I can't pretend that 6.9 is okay and just wait for the next A1C to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You (Invisible Illness Week '09)

Always you.
The first thing I think about every day, the last thing I do every night,
Is take care of you.
Your ups and downs, your surprises, your endless list of to-dos.
It's all about
There are times I can't remember
Life without you, constantly at my side, always prodding, poking,
Wanting to be noticed.
For a while I ignored you.
Then the numbers revealed my lie.
There was no escaping, it was ever and always
Living with you exhausts me, wears me out.
It's "til death do us part", all right,
Except only one of us ever tries,
Ever works on it,
Ever forgives and tries to forget and moves on--
And it's never been
I move among others
Half-human, half-machine,
Constantly running a program in the background
That eats up my memory,
A task manager, called
Sometimes for a day I
Think I've succeeded
In quieting your endless
Demands, and at the end of the day,
I sink to my bed to escape
But then you awaken me
Late in the night with
The terror of a low, the nothingness
Of sleep escapes like a shadow,
And I am left with the ravenous monster of
The only thing you ever brought me
That wasn't wrapped in grief
Were those voices,
Calling out, looking out for other
Kindred spirits, brothers and sisters
Born of the same parent...
Would that we never had met,
You and I,
Except for these Others
With whom I survive.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Never Forget

In continued loving memory of Marni Pont O'Doherty, Long Island, NY.

Monday, August 31, 2009

And Then My Heart Fell.

Sometimes diabetes ignorance hits close to home...

Pregnant Relative: So I saw my doctor today because the baby wasn't kicking as much.
Me: Oh gosh! How is everything?
PR: She says it's fine, but I had to do a tolerance test and a fasting glucose because of the last time.
(Background note: PR is 39. Her father has type 2 and she was obese before getting pregnant. Her first baby was born with a BG of 34 and weighing nearly 10 lbs.--fortunately she is a happy & healthy 2 year old now. Afterwards her OB decided she 'probably had gestational diabetes, but we just didn't catch it.')
Me: Did they tell you what your results were?
PR: Yes. My fasting was 110 and the test was 154. So, she wants me to eat less carbs and try to exercise.
Me: That makes sense. Is she giving you any medications?
PR: Well, she said I might need to take insulin. So I have a question for you...
Me: (brimming with knowledge, eager to help, and happy she's reaching out to me) Sure! What is it?
PR: If I take insulin, will it make the baby get juvenile diabetes like you?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Test Strip Accuracy FAIL.

You're checking your BG after consuming a Dunkin' Donuts Latte Lite for the first time. You know your morning carb-to-insulin ratio is lousy, so you're expecting a high. Which of the following is correct?:

BEEEEEP! Sorry, wrong answer. The correct one is "who knows?!?" (Ugh. I SWAG'ed 3U Humalog just in case...)

Thanks for playing!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bonehead: I Iz One.

Tile floor: 1

Lantus vial: 0


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut...

(Am I the only person in the world who never got that movie title?)

Anyway, greetings OC friends. Just a quick update on my eyes (see last post). I am lucky and happy to say everything is fine. My eyeball pressure readings were on the 'high' side of normal (20), but the doc wasn't concerned and said they had been there before. No other changes, no microaneurysms, didn't even need a new prescription. Yay! Thanks for the supportive comments. I felt better knowing so many of you out there feel the same way.

In other D news I took advantage of a free offer for Humalog Kwik Pens. (You can, too, if you click the link.) I still pay off-formulary prices ($80 a pop) for my prescription Humalog so this was no small matter. But I have to do any of you deal with pens?! They're driving me insane after several failed attempts using the teeny pen needles. I kept getting bubbles in the vial--even holding it at the right angle--and really don't think I ever got the correct dose. I can't believe how much packaging comes with one little pen needle, either. And I just can't help but cringe at wasting so much insulin with priming. Ugh. So yes, I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but I resorted to using my old-school syringes to draw up insulin. At least it works well enough that way.

Not much else going on in my life that's continues to be stressful and difficult, but a large project just ended on a positive note so I can breathe a bit now. Just waiting patiently for summer to arrive like many of you so we can spend more time outdoors!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nervous Much?

Tomorrow. Tomorrow at this time I will know if there's a breach in the perimeter. If the enemy has advanced.

The dreaded annual retinal exam. It's tomorrow.

You might wonder why I'd worry, someone with apparently good numbers who's never had a speck of trouble. You might even consider my anxiety a little self-indulgent.

But I still do. I worry about the 'what-if' part. Every. single. time.

Tomorrow at this time, I will be grateful, I hope. And able to breathe easy for another year.

I hope.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Of Us.

For every silly Diabetes Police comment we've had to endure over the years...
For every shot we've had to take in a public restroom, or every stare we've gotten for our pumps...
For every late-night low (or high) we've had that intrudes on the following day...
For every rude remark from a co-worker, classmate, supervisor, family member or friend...
For every time we've had to suffer the damning praise of low expectations...
For every class, every job, every opportunity that we had to let pass us by...
For what it's worth, and regardless of your political standpoint...
Yes. We. Can.

Monday, May 11, 2009

At Least I Have a Job

Coming up for air here, it's mid-May already and I'm busier than a one-legged man in an a**-kicking contest. Or is it mine that's getting kicked?!? Here's a typical day...

4:30AM: Wake up with 13 lbs. of feline on my head. Push cat to foot of bed. Repeat as necessary for the next two hours.

6:30AM: Wake up, help husband get out the door to catch an early train. Try to sleep for 'just a few more minutes.' Cat decides to snuggle on my chest. Nice.

7:15AM: Awake from doze with alarm ringing and cat yowling. Get ready for work. BG in range for once--83 mg/dL. I do nothing, as the dreaded Dawn Phenomenon usually kicks in about now.

8:00AM: Enjoy a few moments of quiet on the train. (My new Sony Reader is wonderful too...)

8:30AM: Walk one mile from train station to work. Pick up healthy lunch items at grocery store on the way. Our office's tiny fridge barely fits a wedge of cheese between eight staff members; there's also no soda machine in our building, so I tote my own Diet Coke too. Lunch choices nearby include Subway...and that's it :(

8:50AM: Arrive at desk. Tense up when I realize The Tool* is already in. Log on, try to read some D-blogs before the onslaught begins.

(*Annoying person #1. I work with three of 'em! )

9:00AM: Reply to e-mails from colleague who works at home**, hope she's in a good mood and doesn't take offense to anything I've written today. Start troubleshooting some computer issues (I'm the unofficial IT staff). Spend the next 90 or so minutes trying to understand and fix an Adobe installation problem. Field phone calls, reply to four more e-mails from Remote Colleague and a 10-minute long IM exchange. Dawn phenomenon and stress make for some 200+ BGs. Ugh.

(**Annoying person #2. )

10:30AM: Phone meeting. Looong, boring. I hate typing minutes, but at least I get to write...

12:30PM: Scarf down cheap lunch at desk. Take my daily Lantus shot. I almost look forward to the quiet few moments I spend doing this.

1:00PM: Called away to fix another computer. The Tool, who fancies himself an IT "expert", has installed something that caused his computer to crash. Spend 15 minutes trying to get him to admit what it was, then another 15 to tell him to uninstall the program. Give up when I realize he's ignoring me.

2:00PM: Answering more emails, walking carefully so as to avoid mines. Post-lunch BG is acceptable for work (139 mg/dL). I'm wary of over-correcting.

2:30PM: Staff meeting. Oh joy. Spend 20 minutes listening to The Consultant*** talk about how she thinks we should be (a) filing, (b) naming our files, (c) thinking about what to name our files before we name them, and (d) describe in great detail the naming conventions at her previous place of employment. Thank God for Diet Coke.

(***Annoying person #3. )

4:00PM: Drag myself out of conference room. Test, expecting a midafternoon drop. Sure enough, 73 mg/dL. Have a snack so I won't go low while walking to the train station.

4:30PM: Wrestle myself out of a late task thrown at me by the Consultant. She is oblivious to the hour, thinks I have no problem working past 5. I gently correct her while secretly planning my escape.

4:50PM: Run from the building as if on fire. All thoughts of work stress evaporate when I see my DH waiting on the platform. We ride home and plan our evening, which devolves into vegging out in front of the TV.

9:30PM: Exhausted, but happy together again, we close up shop for the night. The cat approves. Pre-bed BG of 191 is high, but I'm too tired to care. After some more TV we're off to the land of Nod.

Thank goodness Memorial Day weekend is coming up soon. I need a break!

Hope you all in the OC are hanging in there (:-)

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Mom Bag, and My New Little Friend.

The strap finally gave way so my winter purse has gone to the recycle heap. Here's my new one, a.k.a. the 'mom bag'. Can you spot the PWD by what's inside?

Like many of you, I've struggled for years to find the perfect stylish purse with enough room for all my D- and non-D crappe...oh well. At least I'm OK with this year's quasi-classic equestrian look (I hope).

My favorite watch also happened to die recently, so I splurged on a new one...does that logo look familiar?

On the back it says "Type 1 diabetes, insulin dependent" along with my ID number and Medic Alert's number. My old one was worn out, and so outdated it still had a local number and not Medic Alert's 800 number. Hopefully it's never needed, just like the old one. But I also hope the EMTs and doctors of the world notice it's a Medic Alert symbol, not just a watch. Any thoughts from you all? I plan to take an informal poll the next time I'm in my MD's office...

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diabetes is Not a Morning Person

6:19AM: 118 mg/dl. I want to take a picture of my meter, I'm so happy.

9:19AM: 298 mg/dl. I've had one Diet Coke and walked a mile from the train to work. WTF?! Did I wake D up too early again today?

This dawn phenomenon thing really gets me down...ugh :-(

Saturday, March 28, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4

Here's a meme from a non-DOC friend. Pass it along!

A. Four places that I go to over and over:
1) Home
2) Work (ugh)
3) Walgreens!
4) Micro Center (my husband is in IT)

B. Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
1) My husband
2) My best friend Alanna
3) My sister-in-law
4) Acai Juice Wonder Weight-Loss Drink Pitchman!

C. Four favorite smells:
1) My husband's hair
2) Rain in the summertime
3) Freshly popped popcorn
4) Old books

D. Four places I would rather be right now:
1) Florida with my husband
2) Cashing in a multimillion-dollar lottery ticket!
3) Walking down a street in London
4) Driving out West

E. Four favorite TV shows:
1) The Office (American version)
3) CSI: Miami
4) The First 48

Friday, March 27, 2009

How True

I'm checking out the new dLife Diabetes Timeline and came across a wonderful quote:

"Our characters are strengthened by a perpetual self-control; we have come to detest the pasty and the saccharine in thought, word and deed. We shall be plain and fine with each other. Formerly diabetics died, but now I shall begin to look for the diabetic influence in every aspect of life, in art, science, conduct, a new delicate strength, a restraint and a clearness."

--H.G. Wells, 1934

Amazing to think he got it, even then. Somehow I think this is what the Diabetes OC has become too. I wonder what Wells would have thought of all of us being 'plain and fine with each other'?

What inspiring words lift you up when diabetes gets you down?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Crazy Train: I Iz On It

Work has eaten me alive. I am consumed with a huge project, a difficult co-worker (who happens to be a friend of the boss IRL...ugh), and wouldn't you know it: a day of 250+ blood sugar levels. I'm beginning to wonder if my insulin has taken the day off.

At home my cat has gone mad with spring fever. He yowls at the bedroom ceiling every morning at 5:30AM, completely oblivious to the human heads underneath his paws. My husband is sick with the plague (oops, flu) and his old hip injury has flared up again. And our work commute has had us coming home late every. single. day. this week.

But hey--tomorrow is SPRING!

I just hope the crazy train goes back to the station soon.

Friday, March 13, 2009

(Almost) Like a Normal Person

The test results are in: my latest A1C is 5.9. My doctor was pleased."You're walking around like a normal person," she said.

Sure, I thought, if you consider it normal to shove sharp objects into your fingers and stomach several times a day. Or spiking into the WTF-300s for no apparent reason. Or see the worry and frustration on your husband's face when you say those magic words: "I'm low."

But it's a good thing to be back in the 5% club, I guess. One more small victory scored against fate. Next up: the annual eye exam in May. Woo-hoo!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back in the World

Greetings all :-) Finally have time to post an update here. I'm enjoying a rare day at work without someone tracking my every Internet move ):-P

I'm happy to follow up on one of my earlier posts with good news: I had three wisdom teeth extracted about 2 weeks ago, and so far everything is healing nicely. Thanks to everyone who passed along their tips--it was far less intimidating with your knowledge on hand. I went with local anesthesia only, which worked much better for me, I think. The procedure only took an hour and I was better able to take care of myself afterward. I purposely cut back a unit of Lantus for the 72 hours immediately before & after, which helped manage the lows, but I had a couple of what-the-**** numbers in the 400s in the morning the days following surgery. Not sure if it was the stress, the antibiotic, or the Frappucinos I tried to drink to get my caffeine fix--probably all of the above (:-(. (Next time I'll remember to have some flat Diet Coke on hand!)

The dentist prescribed me Darvocet for pain which I ended up not taking...I didn't want to go low and not be able to treat myself. I managed pretty well on big doses of Motrin instead. (Interestingly, the dentist also wanted me to take prednisone for swelling but I refused, knowing what steroids do to BGs. Ice and heat kept it from being too awful.) The big take-away? Kids, get those wisdom teeth out while you're young! :-) I sure wish I had.

In unfortunate news, another ocular migraine hit me last week, the first one in about a year. Nasty buggers :-( They always freak me out, and I never know what to do except cringe in bed waiting for them to pass. This time I actually got a headache afterward, though not as bad as some I've had. Ugh.

Next up on the radar is my A1C, which I'll have done next Monday. Hope it'll be the same or lower than it was in November. After that I would very much like to forget about anything health-related for a while and just take a vacation. Of course, the D never takes a break, but you know what I mean :-)

Stay warm and see you on the flip side!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

...but not too hard! Happy Mardi Gras :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My poor blog has been badly neglected--unfortunately the workplace surf Nazis are to blame. Nothing remarkable or unusual--or blog-worthy--has really happened, so you're not missing much. Just the usual ins and outs of the daily routine...the morning highs have evened out a bit. I'm due for another A1C on March 9th, which I hope will be at or below my last one in November (6.1). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Oh, and this month marks my 26th year of living with type 1 diabetes. So far so good...

Hurry spring!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Help

Mark Pardew / Associated Press

As many of you know, parts of rural Australia were devastated by bush fires this past weekend. Besides the 200 people known to have died so far, countless thousands of wild animals have perished. The suffering is ongoing.

What's the connection to diabetes, you ask? Well, it turns out Australia has one of the highest rates of type 1 diabetes in the world. And one of our fellow OC'ers is from Brisbane. But this post is really just my simple, personal appeal for those who can afford to be a bit generous. Australia has a special place in my heart for so many reasons, and Oz is hurting right now. Please help.

The following reputable organizations are taking online donations via credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Don't forget--your U.S. dollar goes a bit farther Down Under right now. For example, a $50.00US donation nets an Australian charity $76.00AUS. Thanks in advance for your support.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Tribe Has Spoken

Greetings friends!

I've been mired in work and other offline matters since the holidays, but I've been lurking and commenting when I can. Like many of you I also saw "Intervention" recently and read what others had to say, particularly Lee Ann. After watching the show I felt an overwhelming urge to reach out to John C, the subject of the show. I thought he would benefit from knowing we're out here. So I sent a letter with a list of blogs, including Diabetes Daily, the Diabetes OC and dLife, as well as some of your websites. I wanted to share with you all the response I got today:


Thank you so much for the letter you sent our production company, GRB Entertainment, regarding online diabetes resources. We will be sending the information along to John, the diabetic we profiled on “Intervention.” Thanks so much for your kindness to John.

Best, Jen"

So, John, if you happen to click over, I join the rest of the online community in greeting you. Welcome to the tribe!