Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Days...

Some days I feel so old. My husband and I moved over the weekend, and even though we hired movers we're both still torn down by the effort. The whole experience was draining, even though we love our new home. Mentally and physically, we're just exhausted.

And, some days, I just want to stage a diabetes sit-in. A break from it all. A day without worry. The testing, the constant flow of numbers, the shots, the checkups, the wears on you. But you do it. After all, what choice is there?

Some days, this is my theme song. It wasn't written about diabetes, but when I'm having one of those days, this is playing in my head. Today is one of them. So here's to all those out in the OC doing our best to hang in there--and to better days ahead.

Does it ever end, tell me?

Does it ever change color?

Does it ever start feeling better while the rains keep reminding me

Does it ever heal, show me

Will it ever rise higher than all the secret pain hurting everything

I only want to know love

Break the chain

Break the chain

Can I draw the moon sleeping

Can I paint the sky speaking

All the slient words louder, louder still, free the universe

Break the chain

Break the chain

I only want to know love

When I lose my way, find me

When I am afraid, soothe me

When I cut I bleed, touch me

Truth is everything I believe in

Break the chain

Break the chain

I can run wild raise my arms reaching for the open sky

I belong here where the light is strong

I will lay my body down, imagine all the flowers again

Corey Hart, 1998

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Ashley said...

these days suck. the good thing (sometimes) about diabetes is that every day is different. i try to remember that on the bad days and forget it on the good days.

usually works the opposite way!

ever the pessimist,