Monday, November 24, 2008

What She Would Have Been...

She would have retired.

Much to her chagrin, she would have started getting 'senior discounts' at the stores and online.

She would perhaps finally have taken that long-overdue second honeymoon with Dad.

She would have taken up a second career, like the answering service she always dreamed of running or the McDonald's franchise she wanted to buy.

She would have celebrated her children's weddings, and enjoyed the company of a new daughter- and son-in-law.

She would have welcomed her granddaughter with unequaled joy, and doted over her.

She would have helped out at holiday meals and been a part of every extended family gathering.

She would have been a proud great aunt to three more little cousins.

She would have been relieved that my diabetes is in such good control.

She would have worried, like always, every time I was RPS, and clucked over me until I felt better.

She would continue to be my main support for all things, diabetes and otherwise.

She would have been glad that I finally found someone to love and take care of me.

She would have been loved, and cherished, like always.

She would have been 62 yesterday.

Happy Birthday, Ma. I love you (:-)


Jill said...

Awww Kathy...what a wonderful tribute to your Mom :) I know she's smiling down on you and proud of what she sees!


meanderings said...

I'm sure she's still proud of you! My mom died 20 years ago this month. I still miss her.

Karen said...

Your mom is so beautiful. And I know that she is still with you always. And very very proud of you.

Major Bedhead said...

What a lovely post. Big *hugs* to you today.