Monday, November 17, 2008

The Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth...

Dear friends of the OC, I have a question...I'm considering surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed (at the ripe old age of mid-30-something!) and I'm curious. Have you had it done, and how did it go? For those on MDI, what did you do to deal with your BG levels? Did you take painkillers/steroids? How did they affect you?

I'm leaning toward a plan involving local anesthesia, doing one side of my mouth at a time. (I haven't had surgery since having my tonsils out at age 4, so the thought of going under is a little nerve-wracking.) I have two 'supernumerary' teeth in my upper jaw that will need a little more pushing & pulling than anticipated. Also, one of the lower teeth is hitting on the big nerve down there that apparently provides feeling to one's entire jaw (yikes!). Anyone go through a simliar experience, and if so how did it work out? Has anyone gone under or had partial gas?

Any & all comments are most welcome, thanks!


Allison said...

Okay, so I was on the pump when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was in high school (17, I think). Obviously wearing my pump helped because I could just use my basal. Are you on Lantus? I can't remember. That should help. I had it done in the morning (because you're not supposed to eat), and just took a lot of ibprofen (about 4 every few hours). I don't remember my blood sugars being that bad. They may have been a little high because of the stress. My mom gave me Sprite so I would have calories and carbs. Juice would work to. It took a long time to feel comfortable eating, so I would focus on getting ice cream, or milkshakes or anything in liquid form. Even soft food like bread will hurt.

I would also get it done all at once. You do *not* want to prolong this. It isn't fun, I would not want to have to suffer through that twice.

They put me under. It was fine. I have some lapse in memory (I don't remember the ride home, the next thing I knew I was on my couch at home).

But everything was fine. You'll adapt. Just have your husband or a family member test you while you are asleep to make sure you're not going low.

Nicole P said...

I had mine pulled about 8 years ago - I was 27. They put me under - because I know I could not have handled being awake. The pain wasn't too bad - I took tylenol and was fine. I had some mild to moderate bruising on my face - mostly from the dentist maneuvering my face while he was working to get them out. I only had to do soft food for a day or two. I was wearing a pump at the time and for day of surgery, I purposefully ran a little higher than usual - waking up at 135 and shutting my pump to 75% dose. When I woke up, I was at 150.

My sister-in-law stayed awake for hers - and wishes she hadn't. Her pain was also much more severe than mine (heavy pain killers for several days) and her bruising was awful - she looked like someone had punched her in the jaw a few times.

I would recommend having them knock you out - and depending on how stress effects you - adjust your dose accordingly. For me, stress tends to make my sugar go low, so I pumped less and tried to run a bit higher than usual... But your diabetes might vary!

Lee Ann Thill said...

I'm also 30-something, and my 2 upper wisdoms had erupted about 10 years ago. They're impossible to keep clean, and heaven knows I tried, but they still ended up with cavities so I had them removed in August. They just used local, and the whole thing was far easier than I anticipated. Teeth that haven't erupted are a different story though. I had un-erupted teeth removed when I was 9, and that was actually a pretty traumatic experience, but that was 25 years ago, and I think the sedatives they use now are less troublesome. I feel for you though - oral surgery isn't fun, but you'll be glad to have it over and done with.

Minnesota Nice said...

I had mine removed in my mid-20's, one side at a time. They were partially erupted vs impacted. I think the dentist had done a lot of them cuz they just popped right out. You may not feel like eating so be sure to have plenty of things to drink that can provide you with carbs if needed.
As for pain, they will probably give you something strong like vicodin. Just try to be sure your bg is not dropping when you take it because it will put you into a deep sleep and you don't want to have a hypo when you're drugged up.

Last summmer I had to go to an oral surgeon to have a molar removed because the root canal had failed. The tooth was cracked so it had to be sawed into a few pieces and each of them extracted separately.

I just stayed in the reception area until I felt stable, went across the street and got my prescription and then took the bus home. No biggie.

One thing that I found very helpful - initially they will tell you to put cold packs on your face where the swelling is. Once the swelling is gone, I found moist heat to be really soothing - such as putting a wrung-out washcloth over a heating pad. (You don't want to put heat on while the area is still swollen or it'll make it worse). And, be sure the pad has a waterproof cover so you don't get electrocuted - yikes!

Good luck.

I have always declined gas, thinking it would mask the symptoms of a hypo.