Monday, December 1, 2008

Food Meme-a-thon

Since my brain is in Monday mode, here's my contribution to the latest OC meme. Enjoy! :-)

1. Can you cook? If yes, do you like to cook?

Yes, and yes. Especially with my husband.

2. When do you eat with your whole family?

My 'whole family' 98% of the time is DH, and we always eat dinner together. I grew up with the family around the dinner table every night, believe it or not, never knowing how rare that is (!).

3. What do you eat for breakfast?

I try to have a breakfast bar at my desk during the week. On the weekends, I generally have a little cheese or half a muffin. My insulin-to-carb ratio is awful in the AM so it's very tricky. Sometimes I don't eat until lunch. (I have trouble with dawn phenomenon from time to time...)

4. When, where and how do you eat on weekdays?

In the AM, it's a breakfast bar at my desk and I usually stay in for lunch. I try to eat yogurt and fruit no matter what; the main course is usually pasta & chicken or a sandwich. Sometimes I drop in the afternoon, so I'll have another breakfast bar around 3-4PM before driving home. In the evening we've fallen into a bad habit of eating out for dinner (see #5). I'll make popcorn or eat a cookie/cheese stick at night before bed, to avoid nighttime lows. Generally I try to consume the majority of my calories at lunchtime.

5. How often do you eat out (in a restaurant)?

Too often...almost every night! DH is low-carbing, though, so we choose more healthy foods than not (lots of salads).

6. How often do you order delivery/take-out?

Rarely--last time was pizza for a party over a year ago.

7. Regarding no. 5 and 6: Say there weren’t financial reasons would you do this more often?

Actually, for us it's the time & not the money. By the time we're both home from work it's so late, we're too tired & hungry to start cooking a meal. When I worked part-time, I would cook dinner for us most nights of the week.

8. Are there any “standard dishes” you serve regularly?

We tend to try lots of ethnic dishes, and keep going back to some favorites (like chicken curry & fish in chili bean sauce). Otherwise, we're fond of your typical meat & vegetable combo.

9. Have you ever cooked for more than 6 persons?

No...eek! DH has, but it was on the grill so I deduct points for difficulty ;-)

10. Do you cook every day?

No, though in the past I did.

11. Have you ever tried recipes from blogs?

Yes, on & off the DOC. We really like Kerri's seriously zippy white bean salad!

12. Who cooks more frequently at your home?


13. And who cooks better?

DH, hands down. But I'm neater :-)

14. Do you cook totally different compared to your mother/parents?

Yes, and no. I've inherited my mom's methods but like to try new ingredients/spices she'd have never touched. The best of both worlds, I guess ;-)

15. If yes, do you nevertheless eat at your parents?

Yes, but ever since my mom died it's been totally different, of course. My dad can boil soup and make a sandwich, and that's about it.

16. Are you a vegetarian or could you imagine being one?

No, and God no :-)

17. What would you like to cook which you haven’t dared to make yet?

It would be really nice to make an entire meal for all my family. We don't have a lot of space so it's difficult to manage.

18. Do you prefer cooking or baking?

Equally fun, though I can eat less of the latter.

19. What is your greatest misery in the kitchen?

Not enough room...and no dishwasher!

20. What do you dislike?

I can't really handle weird, rubbery textured things (i.e. calamari, squid, etc.). Licorice flavor is also bleh. Other than that I'm not too picky :-)

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Kerri. said...

I can't stand licorice, either. And YAY that you eat the Zippy White Bean Salad! I love that stuff. :)