Monday, September 22, 2008

Diabetes: 1, Home: 0

Oy. I'm struggling today. Last night's scorecard looks like this:

10:30PM: Go to bed with a BG of 178 and a snack (cereal--tricky, as we know...)

12:30AM: Wake up sweaty, shaking and ringing in at 34. Not good. Massive inhaling of carbs ensues. Take a correction dose of 2u Humalog to (hopefully) reverse the 'diabetic wolverine' effect.

4:30AM: Wake up, use the washroom. Test to see how the BG handled the crash earlier. 434...whoa. Take 3u and drink a few glasses of water, and try to go to sleep.

6:30AM: The cat decides to use my head as a pillow. I wake up and test: 212. Whew. I'm exhausted.

7:30AM: Out the door to work, still holding steady at 213. I take a half unit of Humalog, crack open a Diet Coke and prepare for the hour-long drive in to the office.

9:30AM: Back down to earth (relatively) at 183. Can I go home yet...?!?!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage. I hope the rest of your day treats you well and that you're able to get an early start on a great nights sleep tonight!

Ashley said...

what a lousy night. i hope you get a better day than that! sucks to be up all night babysitting your blood sugar.