Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Low Headache

Hello to my dear friends of the OC {:-) I'm taking advantage of a slow workday to update my blog. The surf Nazi in my office is at a convention this week too. Hopefully I can sneak a few more posts in before he comes back {;-)

Ah, the low headache. You know that feeling--the dull, unfocused pain that radiates through the eyeballs, the wish for a nice dark room and a soft thing to sleep on, the ache that Tylenol and other pain relievers just can't touch? Yep, that one. And I'm working on a doozy as we speak (read? type? Ugh). I rang in at 55 ja few minutes ago and, although the BG is back on the rise, my lovely parting gift is here to stay. As much as my low symptoms change, the hangover hasn't varied much in 25 years. I guess it's just as well I was never a drinker, I'd trade anything for this lingering feeling of 'ugh'. How do you deal, OC friends?
In better news, I had a quick check-up this morning after a month of daily blood pressure monitoring; it appears my blood pressure issues of a few weeks back are indeed gone. My doctor also seemed very attentive and patient with me, a 180-degree change from my last few appointments. Guess it pays to be her first appointment of the day...I'll have to remember that from now on, even though I'm no morning person. And other work & life issues seem to be settling down as well.
But on one thing I must be blind, or lost, or just plain dense...why is everyone so crazy about this guy lately? I just don't get it...! Maybe it's because I'm a winter sports kinda gal?!?


Cara said...

Ugg! The hangover! I hate it. And there's not a thing I can do about it. If I'm lucky, and not at work, I lay down and take a short nap. But otherwise I just deal. Sometimes I might take an Advil, but I don't like to take other meds if I can help it, so it just depends on how bad it is.

Donna said...

I hate that hangover feeling. I'm not much of a drinker myself and it's a good thing. I couldn't handle that feeling very often. Hope you get over it soon. Good luck!