Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Say Hello to My (New) Little Friend

Due to a Vista upgrade on my home computer, I found myself needing a boost in the meter department as well. My old piece o'crap cheapie model was reliable but slow, and data was difficult to upload. Using Vista also meant losing the ability to log in to the Web-based data management software for the thing, which of course only works on XP/Internet Explorer 6. So thanks to an online freebie offer, I now use the OneTouch Ultra II. So far I'm liking it -- amazing how going from a 10 to 5 second wait for results makes life that much easier :-) And the data uploading capability, so far, is a gem. (Yay! If I had to manually enter all my results I'd go mad.)

I'm no fan of the black zippy case that came with it, however. I always carry my insulin bottles and syringes with my meter, and there was nowhere to put them. So I'm working on a choice right now is a $5 bag I got at Walgreens:

I've looked at some of the nicer meter cases online, but nothing fits my tastes (or budget) right now. I'm also trying desperately to avoid carrying a yet-larger purse to hold all my stuff. Ah, the joys of being a girl with diabetes :-) But, more importantly, we'll see if the OneTouch helps keep me in the 5% club come July, when I have my next A1C done.
Now, about those Mac commercials...really, Apple, aren't you over this by now...?!?

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