Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Trip

This past weekend my husband and I attended a family reunion in Kentucky. We decided to drive from Chicago due to the sky-high airfares, which meant 6+ hours on the highway each way. Our annual trip always includes a visit to Natural Bridge State Park, which soothes the senses after a long day of traveling. Take a peek here:

Managing diabetes on the road can be tricky, even under the best of circumstances (such as a non-PWD to take turns driving, which my DH did quite often). For me it helps to keep a nonstop supply of fluids going in, which means more frequent bathroom breaks. I also need to eat on a more regular schedule than usual. Apart from other standard precautions (juice on hand, testing before driving and also during the trip), these two things go a long way toward staving off unwelcome highs and lows.

A couple of times, however, the D reared its ugly head at inopportune moments. I dropped to 57 while navigating through crazy Indianapolis traffic, and during a tense morning I went from 124 to 370 in the space of an hour after misjudging my carbs at breakfast. I wasn't myself at either time, and I'm not proud of it (note to self, don't discuss sensitive issues with DH while high or low). It just seems that the normal pains of travel take a little more out of me than the average bear. Sometimes it's hard to get that across to the non-PWD population...

For now it's back to work and the routine. Ugh :( Hope everyone out in the OC had a good holiday!


Anonymous said...

Traveling is a test in itself for diabetics. I hope the 370 didn't wreck the whole day for you.

Natural Bridge State Park looks like a very nice place. Have you done any hiking there?

Donna said...

Those pictures of the park are beautiful!

Having a low in the middle of crazy Indianapolis is no fun. Been there; done that. I drive in that craziness everyday. Glad you made it through.

meanderings said...

That's a great photo of the two of you. And, with or without diabetes, discussing anything serious in the car during a long trip is not a good idea. Makes the trip seem much longer.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Jeff: The 370 sucked, but by early afternoon it was back to somewhat-normal levels. As for the park, we've never had enough time to hike up the mountain, but we've gone up the ski lift a few times. I'm still too chicken to actually walk out on the bridge, though...(:-)

Donna: You're a brave soul. I thought Chicago traffic was tough...!

Colleen: Thanks :) Turns out serious talks in the car take a toll on my non-D hubby, too, so we've sworn those off permanently!