Monday, May 19, 2008

I Get Weeeird...

I've been tagged by Cara in the latest meme-o-thon. So here come my 10 little oddities!

10) I cannot stand being followed too closely while walking down the street. I'll actually stop and pretend to get a text message or something, just to let the other person go by.

9) Though I'd like to think I'm not secretly OCD ;-), I do rearrange the money in my wallet so that all the bills are in order by denomination--makes it easier to zip through the check-put line. Sometimes I even make sure they're facing the same way. Then I count my change and make sure I have certain combinations (six quarters, five dimes, etc.)...Aaaaaaahhh...!

8) In high school I played alto saxphone, as previously posted. Since then I've probably only played a few times. I used to dream of performing on stage in a band, but alas...

7) I'm distantly related to a former President, Warren G. Harding, on my mother's side of the family. As my fellow Americans may recall from elementary school, he was considered by many to be one of the "worst" U.S. commanders in chief. Not sure how he stacks up nowadays...!

6) I learned beginner-level American Sign Language for an old job. To this day I can still carry on a very basic conversation.

5) Speaking of hearing, I'm also completely deaf in my left ear due to congenital nerve deafness. I've never worn a hearing aid, although my husband sometimes swears I need one!

4) Some of the places I really want to see someday are California, London, Moscow, Germany, Australia, Chile and Tokyo. I would especially love to go on a literary tour of London and/or England. So far I've been to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, western England, Canada, and the Bahamas.

3) And speaking of Oz, my birthday happens to fall on Australian Independence Day (Jan. 26). I'd love to celebrate it Down Under someday, watching the fireworks in a summer sky :-)

2) I have a "Rain Man"-like ability to remember numbers, especially phone numbers. I can't usually remember then the first time I hear or read them, but once they're burned into my brain they're permanent. (I still remember my best friend's phone number from childhood!)

1) And finally, I'm grateful for the memories of growing up in the house my great-grandfather built in 1911, where my grandfather and my father also grew up. Three generations of my family also attended the same two grade schools in my old neighborhood. In a big city like Chicago, this is rare indeed.

If you've read this far and haven't participated, consider yourself tagged!


Cara said...

Thanks for posting! I like reading stuff like this. Is is OCD to arrange your money???? Oh my! I guess I am then. :)
I have lots of places I want to travel. We'll see if it ever happens.

Donna said...

We have a lot in common. How cool!

I hate for someone to be too close to me.

I am definitely OCD.

I'm not completely deaf in my left ear, but I'm close. It's from so many ear infections as a child (long before they put tubes in kids' ears) that caused the damage. I have to make sure I sit on the correct side of the table or in a conference room to make sure I'll be able to hear everything. It's irritating, isn't it? Oh, my husband thinks I just have seletive hearing loss.

Three generations of my family have gone to the same schools, too. I had a few of the same teachers as my dad. And my kids had some of the same teachers as me. But we came from a small community. For your family to do this in a big city is rare, indeed.

Thanks for sharing your weirdness. It's fun to find out that some of our weird stuff is the same.

Unknown said...

Thank you for #9! My husband thinks it's funny that I always want to arrange my bills in order in my wallet. I do small ones in front, large ones in back. I don't do much with the change, but it made me smile to know that someone else actually cares if their money is arranged.

Sometimes, I'll get into my husband's wallet and put his bills in order just to bother him, but usually it just makes him smile.