Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Night Videos

Time for a lighter subject...

Ah, the saxophone, the staple of many a song in the 1980s. Something about those tunes lent themselves to the silky, sensual sound of a sax in the middle eight, coming back around near the end for a last round in the fading chorus. Of course, being a certifiable geek back then I just had to be in the band in high school...and guess what instrument I played?!

So here's to my old friend the alto sax, and to the good old days of playing along (quite badly, out of tune, and squeaking my reeds the whole time) with my favorite songs on the radio. Happy weekend, dear OC'ers!

Billy Joel: "New York State of Mind"

Duran Duran: "Rio"

Corey Hart: "Never Surrender"

Bruce Springsteen: "Dancing in the Dark"

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