Sunday, March 30, 2008

Walking in Memphis

My husband and I decided to take a mini "Spring Break" last week. We drove down to Memphis, TN to visit Graceland and Beale Street. Here's some of the great barbecue we had at the Blues City Cafe:

(I look pretty awful here, but it's a miracle I was still upright after a 9-hour drive!)

I love Southern food, but figuring out how much insulin to take for it can be tricky. I ended up over-bolusing for some BBQ chicken thinking the carb count for the sauce was much higher, and later I had the opposite problem with some harmless-looking cornbread. Overall, though, I stayed in the mid-100s and only had one late-night low. The long drives were made much easier by my husband, who took over the wheel for 99% of the trip.

Elvis' house was pretty impressive. I was just a kid when he passed away, but like everyone else I grew up on the man's music. Seeing all those gold records and awards was one thing, but I was struck by how relatively modest a home Graceland is by today's standards. What a shame Elvis isn't still around to enjoy it.

Our last stop was a quiet evening moment at the National Civil Rights Museum:

April 4, 2008 will mark the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. In the cool breeze of the evening we heard wind chimes gently singing from a porch across the street. There's a grassy lawn nearby, with trees and gentle curves that instill a sense of peace to this violent place.

Now that Monday's here it's back to work, and back to the fitness routine for both of us. Ugh (:-P

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Donna said...

It's nice to get away for a few days, isnt' it? Glad you had fun!