Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Off Topic

No diabetes-related posts today...just wanted to take a moment on this sad anniversary to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the last five years. Please keep them in your thoughts, and continue to pray for peace.

The ghosts of American soldiers
wander the streets of Balad by night,
unsure of their way home, exhausted,
the desert wind blowing trash
down the narrow alleys as a voice
sounds from the minaret, a soulfull call
reminding them how alone they are,
how lost. And the Iraqi dead,
they watch in silence from rooftops
as date palms line the shore in silhouette,
leaning toward Mecca when the dawn wind blows.


George said...

five years. I cannot believe it has already been so long.

Thank you for this reminder.

*praying for peace*

Jillian said...

It's astonishing that it's been 5 years, my thoughts have been with the troops (and their families) since I heard this on the news last night.