Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Videos

Remember the bands you liked, but didn't always think of when your favorites came to mind? Huey Lewis & the News was one of mine. You had to love their funny videos, too.

"I Want a New Drug":

"Heart and Soul":

"Stuck With You":

Happy Spring, everyone and happy Easter too!

P.S. At Donna's suggestion, here's the fabulous "Workin' for a Living" with Huey Lewis & Garth Brooks. Enjoy!


George said...

I love Huey Lewis! One of my favorite videos was "If This Is It." That video was funny.

Donna said...

I love Huey Lewis, too. So does my daughter. She used to sing his songs even when she was a little kid.

Have you seen him in the new Garth Brooks video for Huey's song, Working For A Living? It's really good. He can still play that harmonica! It's cool.

Unknown said...

Tag, you're it!
What, pray tell, is your response?