Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm no Hollywood starlet, but I too am in rehab:

Seems like many of us in the Diabetes OC have this particular monkey on our backs. It's been tough, but I'm down to two 12 ounce cans of regular Diet Coke per day. (I can't make it in the mornings yet without my fix.) That's about 90 milligrams total of caffeine per day, or less than a cup of tea. A few weeks ago I was downing quadruple that number (!) in soda and coffee.

Alongside the benefits of feeling less dehydrated and jittery, I'm hoping detox will help my blood pressure levels a little. My "high" number has ticked up a few notches in the last year and I'd like to reverse that trend.

Because, who wants to end up like this?!


Jillian said...

It's not the caffeine for me. I'm just always thirsty and Diet Coke is always around. I'm going back to sparking water though.

Donna said...

I can't live without my Diet Coke. I love this stuff! Good luck on trying to cut down on it.

Cara said...

Ugg. I am totally addicted to Diet Pepsi. I want to slack off on them, but it's so very very hard. Sometimes I think it's not even the caffine. It's just the taste that I crave!

k2 said...

Cold Turkey - soda is toxic.
Have Ice Tea or coffee instead.

U can do it!