Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Night Videos

Ah, music videos. What would the '80s have been without them?! The weekly video montage was capped by the one and only, for which this blog segment is named. I loved this show (as well as "Night Tracks" on TBS). "Solid Gold" was good, too, but those freaky dancers kinda turned me off.

Then there was "MV3", a little show out of L.A. with cool VJs (like Richard Blade) and great live music and videos, like Oingo Boingo, Berlin, Depeche Mode, English Beat, Bow Wow Wow and the Go-Gos. Oh, how I miss the "Me" era...

Happy weekend and stay warm, everybody!


Shannon said...

I used to watch Friday Night Videos. When MTV followed by announcing it was airing videos 24/7, I was blown away by the prospect of video indulgence.

George said...

My sister just ran into Richard Blade at a bridal show. He DJ's and MC's weddings now! Anyhow, she sent me a picture and I told her, "Did you tell him we used to watch him on MV3's World Rock Report?" I said it with the worst accent ever.

I could hear her rolling her eyes!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Would you believe the Blade called me once? Long story...but he was actually a nice guy. Too bad he doesn't do weddings in Chicago, that would have been cool!

LOL Shannon :) My brother loved "Headbanger's Ball" so on Sat. nights the TV was his. I used to tape MTV during the day and watch it after school with my friends. Where did we get all that free time, I wonder...?!