Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1983...Another Fateful 'Meeting'

This man came along, and changed everything...well, for me anyway :-)

Like many teenage girls, I bought all of Corey Hart's records and watched his videos on MTV (back when they played music!). I wrote him letters and talked about my favorite songs. Much to my surprise Corey started answering some of them. Ah, those were happy days :-) Later on I finally got to meet him a couple of times. And believe it or not, he actually remembered me. What a sweet man.

Music has always helped me deal with the ups and downs of diabetes. We all have those songs that reach inside and cry with us when things aren't right. Or, the ones that have us cranking our car stereos as loud as they'll go. What are some of yours?

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Mandy said...

I was a fan of Corey as well. Got to love the eighties for style! LOL

I remember becoming fixated on a song on the radio, and with lack of income, waiting FOREVER for the song to replay so I could tape it.

It's pretty amazing how listening to music even now, will many times spark all kinds of memories and feelings from years ago. I'm sure the music I listen to now, will continue to spark and inspire me, in years to come.